Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun Times

Rhys is a giggly boy. He smiles at everything and everyone. He loves being tickled and has a giggle that sounds a lot like a hiccup. He clearly loves his mother. Who can blame him?

Jameson is at the stage where he picks things up after seeing them once. Apparently, one night I laid on my belly to read him a book. Ever since, he won't sit in my lap. He'll grab his book and lay down. He then looks up at me, smiles, and taps the spot next to him until I lay down.

Just some fun playtime and making faces.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boys in Action

As we were getting some things done around the house one day, we noticed Jameson was already in his high chair. Neither of us had put him in it. We asked him about it, and he happily showed us what had happened.

Rhys is clearly ticklish like his daddy, and has an amazingly cute little giggle.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rhys is Growing

Rhys must be growing up. Erica is starting to comment that she doesn't want her little baby to not be a baby anymore. He is still a baby, but he is definitely growing. He is talking like crazy. We can't always tell whether he is crying or talking. Whatever it is, he enjoys it and does is LOUDLY!

We finally were able to get Jameson to sleep in his big-boy bed. It's my old queen bed, just sitting on the floor. He loves it now becuase it's big enough to hold him and all his animals, toys and books. It's also really soft for him to jump on and go boom. With him sleeping in his bed, we finally moved the crib into Rhys' room. We also finally found another dresser and moved a dresser into Rhys' room too. It actually looks like a room now.

Our great friends let us borrow a Bumbo chair, which both boys LOVE. Jameson gets a kick out of it, even though it's not for him. Rhys loves sitting up like a big boy. I just hung some toys for him that he can reach, which is helping him enjoy it even more.

Here are a few random pictures...

We went to a Severe Weather event at the science museum. A local news station set up their weather green-screen for everyone to play with. I think Erica had the most fun, but Jameson enjoyed it too.

I made the mistake of leaving my computer on the floor. The FBI visited me a few days after this picture. They had some questions about someone hacking into their systems.

Rhys takes after mommy; enjoying lounging at the pool.

Rhys is definitely a lot cooler than his parents.

and cuter than them too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love My Mommy

I love playing with mommy. She is a funny lady.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Growing Up

We're starting to reach some pretty good milestones with Jameson. He has rolled over both from back to belly and from belly to back. He rolled back to belly three times a few weeks ago. He has not done it again since. He has tried to roll, gotten right to the halfway mark, and then flopped back. He just couldn't get past the point where his low arm blocks him from easily flopping over. It's been really funny to watch him teeter for a second or two, wiggling, before flopping back. Last night however, he did it. He was laying on the floor. Erica was eating, and I was watching the basketball. I saw him wiggling and trying to roll, but just assumed he'd flop back like normal. Then, I looked down, and he was on his belly. Neither Erica or I saw him actually roll (so we don't believe he actually did it). I put him back on his back, and he quickly rolled again. I reset him, and he decided to show off, rolling easily three more times.

Jameson also rolled for the first time, belly to back, last night. I totally missed it. Erica was with him on his play mat, and he rolled over.

The feet have been discovered. He is grabbing them a lot, and trying to eat them. He is about an inch or two away from getting them in his mouth.

We had his checkup for six months last Tuesday. He weighed in at 16 lbs. 6 oz. He enjoyed playing with the doctor's paper while waiting for doctor. It looked like he was trying to make his own diaper.

Jameson is really snuggly and interactive now. He is grabbing our faces, our ears, our noses, our mouths, and anything else he can. When he's reaal playful and we're holding him, he will crouch up in a ball on our shoulder and dig his face into our shoulder, always with the biggest smile on his face.

We are going to take lots of mommy-baby pictures this week during my time off.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We had another "snowstorm" Friday night. School is canceled on Monday, and will most likely be delayed or canceled on Tuesday as well. We are roughing it, but surviving.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jameson has learned to laugh. It is so cute.

Pay attention to the sound at the very beginning of the video. Erica is giving raspberries to Jameson, and he clearly is not enjoying it.